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‘Two Birds,’ One Great Film

Never, ever go in the cellar.

Money, top-shelf special effects, A-list stars, multi-million-dollar marketing: none of these things either separately or all lumped together are a match for the surest component of a successful film – a great story. American Beauty benefits from Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Lester Burnham, but it doesn’t need him; you put someone like Tom Hanks, who passed on the role, in Lester’s shoes and you still have a great film. The same can be said for Forrest Gump if Bill Murray had played the titular role (he was offered it first, but also passed).

The gist of all this is, if you have a great story, you can have a great film whether you’re making it on a large scale or a small one. Case in point: today’s short film selectin Two Birds, from writer-director-editor Brendan Beachman, which is an ultra-low budget, six-minute film made with all the grace,…

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