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Tips for selling your house: AVOID an estate agent photo fail like this home | Property | Life & Style

Estate agent photographs are supposed to help a home look its best and entice potential buyers.

A chair out of place, a strange picture on the wall or peculiar interior will be noticed straight away.

So it’s up to the owner to make sure any clutter and strange objects are hidden out of site.

But one homeowner didn’t get the memo, and one of their home’s estate agent photos has been sweeping the web for all the wrong reasons.

The photo is of the property’s bathroom and looks to highlight all its facilities.

As well as a large dresser and sink area, the bathroom has three large windows letting in lots of light, a mixture of different colour tiles on the walls and easy-to-clean flooring

But the homeowner clearly wanted to make the bathroom into a multi-functioning room.

Just a couple of metres away from the toilet and bidet is a rug and armchair.

Look a little bit closer, and you’ll…

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