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Technological Advancement in the Diagnostic and Treatment Process of Infectious Diseases are Fuelling the Growth of the Global Synthetic Peptide Market

Peptides are made up of chains of amino acid, linked with the peptide bond. Dipeptide are made of two amino acid, tripeptide are made of three amino acids and polypeptide are long, unbranched chain of amino acid joined by peptide bonds. Chain of amino acid up to 50 amino acid are known as peptides, greater than 50 amino acid is known as proteins. Peptides are used as a therapeutic agent, in the treatment of various disease condition, as peptides performs many metabolic functions in the body.

Adequate amount of amino acid are necessary in the body to produce various hormones necessary for body functioning. Synthetic peptide are artificially produced outside the cell with the help of chemical reactions. Synthetic peptide are used for research purpose by various pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Due to the emergence of peptide synthesis, variety of antibody can be prepared…

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