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Review of the book Quilts and Human Rights

Friday was my birthday which was a wonderful time with family and time to do just what I wanted to do. Yes, I did quilt! I also celebrated at breakfast with everyone and got lovely gifts. One of them was a terrific new book on quilts. I want to tell you all about it in this review of the book Quilts and Human Rights.

Quilting is such a fabulous hobby. I love the process, every aspect of it. I also love the quilts that are the end result, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Most of my quilts adorn my walls, cover my beds or keep my family warm. But I am acutely aware that quilts can be so many different things. They are warmth, love, art and statements about the world around us.

The moment I spotted the title I knew that this was a book I wanted to own, read, peruse and then do it all over again. This feeling was reinforced by the dedication.

I hadn’t read a book like this…

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