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Pokémon Go is getting cooperative play and a new gym system. Here’s how they work

Just about a year ago, Pokémon Go came out of nowhere and took over the world. If you lived in any sort of big city, you probably couldn’t go a block without seeing a Go player sprint by, staring at their phone all the while.

The hype inevitably died down, of course. Some people caught everything there was to catch; others stopped as the summer nights turned chilly; others simply got bored and moved on. The game still has a sizable player base — about 65M people, as of April of this year — but for the most part, gone are the overwhelming crowds of people running through the street because someone spotted a Snorlax.

The game’s second summer is just around the corner — and with that in mind, it’s about to get one of its biggest updates yet.

I got to check out an early build of the coming update last week, which the company tells me they’re hoping to roll out this…

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