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New Yorker editor delivers potty-mouthed rant on fake news

CANNES — How bad is the political conversation in the US these days? Even the editor of the New Yorker can’t seem to watch his language.

America is “on top of bullshit mountain,” David Remnick, who has edited the prim publication for nearly 20 years, ranted from the podium at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in France on Monday.

Remnick’s potty-mouthed diatribe blasted Donald Trump and Facebook alike for the problem of fake news, and appealed to advertisers to stop the drip of dollars to the social media companies who brought huge revenue to fake news factories in Macedonia.

“Bullshit is a willful ignorance of the facts,” Remnick said, citing author Harry Frankfurt, author of the popular treatise “On Bullshit.”

“There are liars and there are bullshitters,” Remnick went on. “Liars know what the truth is. President Trump is a public figure who…

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