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Movie studio plants roots in New Orleans East

Stage 2 at Starlight Studios in New Orleans East. (FOX 8 Photo)


Starlight Studios, the first newly constructed studio purpose-built for the movie industry, opened Monday.

The studio, nestled near Michoud in New Orleans East, features two sound stages built specifically for movie production and includes office space for movie makers.

The new studio is expected to employ up to 200 people at full strength.

“Those 200 jobs are 200 people who will buy groceries, who will buy homes, who will spend money – and trust me, we’re booming,” Councilman James Gray said.

Studio leaders hope the opening of their space will show that Louisiana never really lost the spark of Hollywood South.

“It slowed down, and if I could say it in one word, it was uncertainty. The industry was uncertain after what happened in 2015, and since then we’ve been working with a lot…

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