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How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Better

As a girl who has dedicated a huge part of her life to health and wellness, I’ll implement just about anything into my diet that’s been proven to be chock-full of beautifying benefits.

But, I will only do so tastefully.

Take apple cider vinegar, for example.

The fermented fruit juice is loaded with healthy benefits. It can boost your metabolism, clear up your skin, and lower your blood sugar levels, among so much more.

Unfortunately, ACV happens to have an extremely unpleasant taste.

Some may choose to drink that ish straight, but I am not about that life.

Prior to my wedding day, I tried everything under the sun to whiten my teeth, including oil pulling. I’d heard swishing coconut oil in my mouth for a few minutes at a time would brighten and strengthen my teeth.

Long story short, I spit the stuff out less than a minute in.

So, as you can see, whatever doesn’t taste good is…

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