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Christian Marriage Help: How Do You Respect Your Husband When He Does Things You Don’t Respect?


Are you looking for Christian marriage help to understand the biblical teaching to respect your husband (Ephesians 5:33)? Here are some questions behind the question: How do you respect your husband when he does things you don’t respect?

  • How do you show respect to a husband who is doing things that are unacceptable, wrong, or harmful?
  • Does it mean you have to tolerate everything?
  • Is your respect the same as giving your approval?
  • Can you still set a boundary if it doesn’t feel respectful or loving to your spouse?

Listen to this woman’s dilemma: “My husband says I didn’t respect him in our marriage and as a result, he had affairs. He doesn’t seem to understand that I lost respect for him because of the harsh way he treated me, his irresponsible choices, and his blaming me for all the problems.”

What is healthy respect for a husband?

  • Respect honors his position as the head of the…

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