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Choosing the right metal smoking pipes

Getting metal smoking pipes online is an easy enough task, however choosing amongst the huge range that is available can be daunting. Here are some pointers on how to choose the right metal pipes. The first thing is to make sure the pipe you choose is the right size. If you end up with a metal pipe that is too short for instance, you will have what commonly known as a lip burner. All you need to do is use short one to see what this means. Also with a shorter pipethe smoke has less time to cool meaning your inhale will remain quite hot and it will be more damaging for your lungs.

A metal pipe that is too long can be difficult to carry in your pocket. The length of metal pipes can usually be altered with extension pieces that are offered at many head shops. A flat bottomed elbow joint is used so the bowl can be placed on a steady surface, choosing a round bottomed elbow may end up with…

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