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Canadian climate change study cancelled because of climate change

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  • Arctic sea ice has traveled farther south than normal along Newfoundland’s northeast coast
  • An icebreaker has been repeatedly diverted to take part in rescue operations
A team of scientists from the University of Manitoba and four other schools were in the middle of the first leg of a four-year study of how climate change is affecting the areas around the Hudson Bay, the university said in statement. The study, named BaySys, started last month, and the scientists were traveling on the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen.

But because of warmer temperatures in the Arctic, hazardous sea ice is traveling farther south than usual. The Amundsen, which is part of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, has been diverted several times because its ice-breaking capabilities have been needed to help out in rescue efforts along Newfoundland’s northeast coast. All of the delays and…

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