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Block Firefox connections with ReqBlock

ReqBlock is a WebExtension for the Firefox web browser that enables you to check and block Firefox connections to web resources.

Firefox users have a couple of options when it comes to blocking resources. They can run an add-on in the browser to block resources, or configure firewall or hosts file on the operating system to do so.

Add-ons that fall in the category are among many others the popular NoScript blocker, and any content blocker such as uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus.

It may make sense to use the firewall or hosts file instead, as it offers some advantages, but also disadvantages over using an add-on. The main advantage is that it blocks the resource regardless of program that you use, a disadvantage that it is not as easy to manage the list, or use temporary exceptions.


ReqBlock for Firefox is a brand new add-on that you may use to add web resources to a blacklist to…

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