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​5 Swimming Workouts for Runners

Drills and Strokes Workout

If you’re new to swimming, a great way to get started is to invest time in learning the fundamentals. This helps you avoid ingraining bad habits. At the top of the list is to learn how to breathe, float, flutter kick, breaststroke kick, and tread water.

From there, the breaststroke is one of the easiest to learn. In the beginning, you can keep your head above water the entire time while learning to get comfortable in the water. As you gain confidence and skills, you can advance this stroke and bring your head under the water, and then move on to learning the backstroke and finally the freestyle. Sign up for a swimming class or find a video resource to visualize these drills and strokes. A little practice and know-how will provide the base for progress in the water.

Active Recovery Swim Workout

Swimming is a great activity to do in between hard running…

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